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The Moral Panic behind True Detective

Posted by Luke H on April 2nd, 2014

The true, convoluted story behind True Detective’s ‘inspiration’ In episode 7 of True Detective, Marty reveals that he left the police force when he witnessed a baby that had been microwaved to death by a meth addict. Of course drug addiction is real, and infants have been abused and killed in microwaves, but the specific [...]

‘it was impossible to bury them Meir’

Posted by Luke H on July 24th, 2012

There is something oddly delightful about this strangely-worded blog post about deserted islands.  It’s interesting, informative and impeccably illustrated, but the text of the article gradually becomes quite surreal. “People on this beautiful island godforsaken lives a little bit” “Geographically, it belongs to the Hawaiian Islands, an administrative – not: The United States annexed it to [...]

The Ripple Effect

Posted by Luke H on July 13th, 2011

I’ve been involved in a very worthwhile project called The Ripple Effect, check it out!

Fukushima: What Happened?

Posted by Luke H on March 26th, 2011

A speech I gave at Toastmasters recently.  This was Speech 7, ‘Research your speech’, and my goal was to explain the basics of how nuclear power plants work to a lay audience, using the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant as the prime example.  Also the word of the day was’perturbed’.  :-) Note: My aim here [...]

Wellington Earthquake-Prone Buildings

Posted by Luke H on March 4th, 2011

Wellington City Council has released a list of Wellington buildings considered to be at risk in a major earthquake. I’ve made a simple webpage which uses the data in that list to build a map of the earthquake-prone buildings in Wellington. Check it out at

Matiu/Somes Island Panoramas

Posted by Luke H on February 21st, 2011

A while ago we (Phil, Leanne, Jess and I) went on a great trip to Matiu/Somes Island with our sister, making it a four-Howison outing! I took a few panoramas.  What can I say, it’s just kind of my thing I guess!  :-) View over Wellington overlooking the lighthouse View of Petone from the WWII [...]

Chromium OS Speed Test

Posted by Luke H on February 19th, 2011

I don’t post much technical stuff here, but I’ve been into Linux (specifically Ubuntu) for a long time. I’ve been geeking it up tonight installing Chromium OS on my netbook, and decided a head-to-head boot-up speed test was in order. I measured how long it took for each OS from pressing the ‘on’ button to [...]

Sunny Beach Panorama

Posted by Luke H on December 5th, 2010

Panorama of the day:  Balaena Bay, Roseneath, Wellington on December 5, 2010.  Taken from the footpath after a swim. There was a yacht race going on in the bay.

Camborne Panorama

Posted by Luke H on November 27th, 2010

A quick little panorama (stitched together from 3 photos using Hugin) taken today on my way down Pope St to the Plimmerton train station. We’ve had beautiful weather for several days in a row … it’s getting dangerously hot and sunny, time to start wearing sunscreen and silly hats I think.

Find the Aardvark

Posted by Luke H on November 5th, 2010