There is something oddly delightful about this strangely-worded blog post about deserted islands.  It’s interesting, informative and impeccably illustrated, but the text of the article gradually becomes quite surreal.

“People on this beautiful island godforsaken lives a little bit”

“Geographically, it belongs to the Hawaiian Islands, an administrative – not: The United States annexed it to yourself on the Law of guano”

“Since the export treasures from the island without attracting attention, it was impossible to bury them Meir, but return to a treasure and could not – in the 1881 death of his beaten with batons natives on the island of Espiritu Santo”

This inadvertent ’outsider art’ could only happen as a result of paying English-second-language people $1 per article to paraphrase Wikipedia and dredge up some images from GIS.

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