The kerfuffle over the benefit payments to two beneficiaries certainly has legs.  It’s disappointing to see the Left completely fail to engage with the central argument: are beneficiaries getting too much money, too little or about the right amount?

Some of the controversy is about a grant of around $10,000 to solo mother Natasha Fuller to set up a cleaning business.  Here is a relevant article from the Te Awamutu Courier, March 13 2007:

Fuller was also featured in an MSD Report along the same lines (click to enbiggify):

Leading Social Development: A Plan for Waikato 2007-2008.  Hat tip:  gingercrush

On the face of it, Fuller has at least had a pretty good go at extricating herself from the welfare trap – much better than most, it would appear.

But if we keep digging, the story gets stickier.  A series of threads over on Trademe and archived elsewhere suggest that Natasha had previously been living with her partner while receiving the DPB. That’s not uncommon, but it is certainly against the rules.

One Trademe commenter says:

“It seems that in your own posts on these boards you have clearly admitted and glorified in being a thief. Combining that with anecdotes shared by your ex friends, a rather sordid picture emerges.”

There is nothing else to be drawn from this mess except to remind everyone that the welfare state is a sham.

“If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.”

- Gerald Ford

Update: Some more dirt has been dug, including a video of Natasha Fuller doing karaoke.  It’s scary what the internet detectives can pull up!  Check it out over at Fairfacts Media and Big News.

4 Responses to “Welfare and Business Grants: Natasha Fuller”

Yeah, solo mother beneficiaries should never NEVER do karaoke, or enjoy themselves ever, or ever ever ever buy cds. And the mere fact that one of them once, quite successfully and for quite a long time, got off the benefit by running their own business, just proves she’s a slapper. And oh, then there’s the matter of the hair extensions which she had in before she went on the benefit this year. How dare she have hair extenstions while a working, earning member of society. What a cow!
Grow up, all of you. She may or may not be the most sympathetic beneficiary that’s ever lived. But no one. NO ONE deserves such low, base hatred. I am deeply ashamed to be a New Zealander. And I really hope you are too.


Thanks for your comment Leah.

I actually thought I did a pretty good job in my post at not being hateful. It is the whole welfare/tax redistribution system which is messed up, not individual beneficiaries.

You’ll also notice that I didn’t mention the CDs or hair extensions at all, because what she actually does with the money is less relevant than whether the total amount is enough to achieve the basic reason for having welfare: to help people in poverty.


[...] Pacific Empire blog covers the controversy here, with David Farrar also noting various allegations, following comments by Fuller on Facebook and elsewhere. [...]


It saddens me that so many New Zealanders partake in the immaturity of bullying one person. Does this society no longer have morals, or an ability to put them selves into other peoples shoes and see individuals as people the same as you and I, or at the very least assure that they have their facts right. The above thread mentions “EX FRIENDS” So should it be ok for ex friends to pick on a person to this scale? What if it was you? These type of people are disgusting and should watch out for Karma!


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