The article as it appeared in the Herald today (click for larger version).

Yesterday I talked to Craig, a reporter from the Herald, who noticed a Libertarianz sign on Quay St (Well done, Auckland Libz!) with the “As Demanded by Helen Clark, 4 Cromwell Street, Mt Eden, Auckland” label. It was this label that he wanted to interview someone about.

I briefly explained that we placed this cheeky statement on our signs to expose the hypocrisy of the Labour government demanding that we reveal our identity, and suggested that anonymous signs, leaflets and donations should be legal, comparing it to anonymous voting (ie, the secret ballot).

I mentioned that it was Robert Palmer had come up with the idea of using Clark’s address.

He asked if we had “copped any flak” over the use of her address and I said we had had it described as “cheeky” but I couldn’t remember getting any negative feedback, which he was surprised about. He asked if the Prime Minister’s office had contacted us, and I said they probably didn’t want to make a fuss, because doing so would get it picked up by the media.

He asked if we had considered the legality of using Helen Clark’s address, and I told him that as it was publicly available information we were confident it was legal.

It is interesting to compare what I recall with what was printed!

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Nice job!

Great to see some positive press (and in a national paper too)


The placing of Helen’s address on Libz billboards is not “cheeky”, and as per your comment on Kiwiblog it is not something to laugh about ie you say “haha”. The placing of Helen’s address makes a deadly serious point, something which should never be made light of and treating it as a joke undermines and diverts (and has diverted) attention from the argument being made here.


Hi Julian,

It is ABSOLUTELY a cheeky thing to do!

My ‘haha’ comment on Kiwiblog was in response to another poster who wrote:

the people who foisted the EFA address disclosure requirements onto us deserve to have THEIR addresses published like the Libertarianz joked they might do, and to suffer the consequences.

I was laughing at their suggestion that we were joking about publishing Helen’s address.

Humour in general is a great way of calling attention to things like this, and it makes people more likely to tell their friends than a stern, dry, humourless lecture about property rights.

Besides, you have to laugh at these authoritarians and what they are doing. If you don’t laugh, the only other option is to cry.


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