Sean, one of our newest members, getting Vic students to do the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”.

Each year, on the Wednesday of Orientation week, Victoria University has a Clubs Day in the quad. And since 2005 the Libertarianz Party have presented Vic students with a genuine political alternative. I may have left university at the end of last year, but I’m still organizing Libz on Campus (someone’s got to do it). Clubs Day is a perfect opportunity to set up a table, hand out pamphlets, advocate libertarian ideas and most importantly, recruit enthusiastic new members.

The day began well, but we had a minor setback involving me getting some verbal abuse from a Student’s Association bureaucrat who thought we had no right to be there and told me, rather forcefully, that we should just f*** off (Also, he accused me of being rude to him!). We cooperated by moving to his suggested spot in the library foyer, but that was fine because in some ways it was the better location. Shelter from the unforgiving Wellington wind is vital when you have a table covered in pamphlets, quizzes, samizdata and Free Radicals.


Luke was hungover tired and I was stressed out by my encounter with bureaucracy. I hate red tape, along with all forms of rules, restrictions and regulations. A typically libertarian attitude, but it does get me into trouble sometimes. Luckily we were rescued by two enthusiastic and very effective Libz activists, Mitch (editor of Samizdat) and Sean (pictured). Together we signed up a number of new members, collected donations, received several more expressions of interest and engaged quite a few people in debate and discussion. Not bad for a party which received 0.04% of the vote last election! Thanks Mitch and Sean, you guys are legends.

We are currently considering a regular meeting time, and developing ideas for further activism now we have some more new members.

Canterbury and Elsewhere


We also had a presence at Canterbury University (thanks to Rick for sending the full-size photo). As Rick Giles of Act on Campus describes:

Libertarianz Ben Morgan and his girl Jess. A hard worker, all on his own and signing up lots of names despite being a hard-talking no-shit tactless (but all in good spirit) typical Libertarianz libertarian. Did I used to talk to people like that?

Ben got 72 email addresses which he will follow up on. While that’s not the same as signing people up, it’s an amazing achievement for someone manning a stall single-handedly. Good on you, Ben! And Rick: perhaps it is because he is a “hard-talking no-shit tactless… libertarian” that he got so much interest? Just a thought.

The next opportunity to help us out on campus is next Tuesday at Auckland University, all day in the quad. Contact Daniel Aguilar,, if you’re interested in doing some activism there. It’s fun and rewarding and I highly recommend it!

 UPDATED: PC and Daniel Aguilar had a table at Auckland University on Thursday morning. They will also be there Tuesday next week for Clubs Day. Here’s a photo of Daniel:


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Excellent, VUWSA are absolute scum, been pretentious little control freak wankers who think they know what is best for everyone else. I fought them back in the early 90s and far too many of them would have been the ones holding the gun if there had been a communist revolution, and would happily pull the trigger.

Perhaps the one single move the Nats MIGHT take if they win, which would be positive on this, is full voluntary student union membership


Cheers Scott. I agree completely. For $120 a year per student in VUWSA fees, you’d think any group of students would have the right to a table, two chairs and a few square metres of concrete for four hours. Not too much to ask for I would have thought!


You chaps really should update your weblog more often!

Mind you, I enjoyed reading your various posts from March and found them..oh! ..hang on…


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