Fijian blog Intelligentsiya, who the military are attempting to hunt down due to their opposition to the coup, report on how a popular Fijian forum, FijiVillageTalk, has been shut down.  Meanwhile, Ms. Vakaivosavosa’s blog  – which was an excellent source for Fijian news – has been deleted out of fear that fellow bloggers will be harmed in a military crackdown.

So far the death toll from Fiji’s brief military dictatorship stands at three, all beaten to death by army officers, and several more seriously injured.  Bainimarama’s coup began with claimed good intentions, but bans on blogs and the beating of dissidents have revealed the true evil of his regime.

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[...] There can be no justification for banning a blog simply for political reasons.  Doing so reveals the true nature of Bainimarama’s coup. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]


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