Apparently the government has ceded to the demands of protestors and agreed to hold democratic elections, but it seems that riots continued in the evening causing severe property damage, mostly to government buildings and vehicles, and businesses owned by the state or associates of the royal family – a large part of Tonga’s economy.  Chinese-owned businesses have also been attacked, just as in the recent Solomon Islands unrest, and possibly providing further evidence for Amy Chua’s hypothesis.  The attitudes and actions of Tonga’s new king have proved fatal to his government’s legitimacy.
Nuku'alofa riots

One Response to “Tonga update”

Those pro-democratic reformers have just defeated the whole purpose of their true purpose. The looting, the rioting, and all the chaos. Majority of the rioters and so-called reformers don’t even know what democracy means and how it’s supposed to affect the current monarchy. As for the King and Tongan government, whatever they did or say doesn’t justify all this rioting, burning, and looting. They’ve just put Tonga in a worst economic, social, and physical state then it already was. And they say they, “we want a better future and Tonga”. Well, DUUHHH!!!, you can’t have a better future if you’re constantly looking for reasons to take the day off from work or from school to run around looking for free stolen beer from the only Super Market in all of Tonga (now in ruins). Hooray Tonga Democrats you’ve just proved the King’s point with your ignorance. NO all of you… but most of you.


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