Pledge CardSome wag has put a ‘mint condition original 2005 Labour party pledge card’ up for sale on Trademe. While that’s clever in and of itself, the real comedy gold is in the Q&A following the auction.

What forms of payment do you take?
Koha, lafo, unmarked hundred dollar bills. Unfortunately I can’t accept cheques from the Parliamentary Service. That would be illegal.

Look red just clashes with EVERYTHING. do you have anything in a civilised blue?

I couldn’t find much. Neither could the Auditor-General.

Are these the same tired old promises, and are these pledges ever likely to be fulfilled?
The promises are not worth the paper they’re printed on. Rest assured though that the paper they’re printed on was very expensive.

I just hope this story doesn’t end with “This auction was pulled because user hc1 complained that it was seditious” …

One Response to “Mint Condition Pledge Card”

Although I must say, I think the correct response to my question “Can the card give me cancer?” was:

“Don’t be silly, only National MPs are cancerous”


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